Why screening is critical for your business

Every year companies across the country lose millions of pounds through employee actions


 It is not just the direct theft of cash, goods or data but also the less obvious costs such as absenteeism or adverse behaviour. Research has shown that around 30% of job applicants provide deliberate and serious misinformation on their application.  

Even if the applicant then proves able to carry out the tasks required this action demonstrates that they are prepared to be dishonest in pursuit of their own goals.Every employer will have experienced the candidate who performs well at interview but then does not live up to expectations.  Comprehensive and professional screening is the only tool that provides a factual picture of a person’s capabilities and performance.

Recruiting, inducting and training new staff is expensive and time-consuming and having to manage failing staff out of the business difficult and fraught with the threat of litigation.Screening is the single most effective tool in ensuring that you get the right people, the first time.

After all, you would not buy a second-hand car without checking the service history!