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What price Christmas?

This has been a particularly hard year for everyone and many people are facing significant hardships. Along with the frustrations of lockdown, social distancing and face masks and furlough, many…


Fake NHS Boss Jon Andrewes Jailed For Two Years

What A Fascinating Court Case   Mr John Andrewes was appointed to a senior executive role and after some while, his employer discovered that on his CV he had claimed…


Why is the background screening of candidates so important?

Background Screening provides a broad range of protection for both the employer, current employees and prospective employees. Everyone must be aware of the recent impact on the Charity sector of…


References – Good or Bad

References – Good or Bad Some referees are unwilling to provide references. The excuses range from; “I don’t have time” to “I am told you cannot give a bad reference”…


How to find the ideal HR Manager

Welcome to the new CareerCheck website and to our new blog.   Having never previously blogged I asked a number of people for advice on what sort of things make…

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Why screening is critical for your business

Every year companies across the country lose millions of pounds through employee actions    It is not just the direct theft of cash, goods or data but also the less…