Welcome to the new CareerCheck website and to our new blog.


Having never previously blogged I asked a number of people for advice on what sort of things make a good blog. I was told that a professional blog needs to be informative, relevant, topical and not too long.

As CareerCheck is in the business of helping companies to find the right people to recruit I decided that perhaps a brief article offering pointers on finding the ideal employee would be appropriate.

I chose to start with finding the ideal the HR Manager.

If you want to determine the attributes that make the ideal HR Manager then I would suggest that you look to your cat, or if you do not have a cat then visit a friend with a cat. You quickly learn to appreciate their cat’s talents.

• Cats are able to focus on the key objective
• Cats are superb communicators – able to adapt their delivery until their objective is understood
• Cats are persistent and will work with you until you understand what they want
• Cats force you to earn their respect
• Cats understand the need to offer praise on occasion but make you work hard for it
• Cats are aware of their surroundings at all times and assess risks and threats
• Cats understand the need for downtime and contemplation
• Cats understand the need for a comfortable working environment
• Cats understand that you learn more quickly when the learning is fun
• Cats are excellent negotiators maintaining their position until you capitulate
• Cats are decisive and can, when necessary, be totally ruthless

Cats are the ultimate HR Managers able to inspire and influence whilst engendering respect and affection.

So next time you are interviewing for an HR Manager ask yourself this question:

“Am I looking at a cat?”