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A Little Bit About Us

Why CareerCheck?

CareerCheck is one of very few truly independent Pre-Employment and Background Screening providers in the UK.

Since 2000 we have been providing outsourced solutions to organisations across the UK making us one of the longest established and most capable providers in the marketplace

We have experience across a wide range of industries and have been responsible for introducing screening into some of the UK’s best known high street retailers and service providers.

As our business is dealing with people we firmly believe that the person to person interaction between ourselves, our clients, the candidates and the referees is critical to ensuring that we are able to provide the most rounded and accurate data.

As a specialist team, we are able to concentrate on our core activity, providing you with the very best and most comprehensive service available.

The flexibility of our systems means that we can readily adapt to work with your processes without the need to change or amend existing procedures.  This also means that we can be up and running within hours if you are in a hurry!

Online forms, branded to your corporate image, capture candidate information ensuring that whole recruitment process is seamless and the applicants have the reassurance of knowing that they are dealing with an authorised provider.

Integrity, passion and tenacity underpin our work ethic.  If you are looking to take the first steps into outsourcing or reviewing your options take a moment and talk to us.

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