Why is the background screening of candidates so important?

Background Screening provides a broad range of protection for both the employer, current employees and prospective employees.

Everyone must be aware of the recent impact on the Charity sector of the accusations of inappropriate conduct by some employees and the Government’s demand for those charities not carrying out proper background screening to implement new measures.

The effect on the sector has been a significant downturn in revenues as supporters withdraw their support not wishing to be associated with such behaviours. In turn, this will also make it more difficult for charities to attract the very best new recruits.

Internally staff who have the victim of unwanted attention are reported as feeling aggrieved and upset that their complaints were not taken seriously or investigated fully and may well seek alternative employment.
The above can come under the heading of reputational damage and is one of the most important ways comprehensive background screening can help protect you.

There have been a number of recent reports detailing the rise in data fraud perpetrated by employees as well as an increase in the theft of goods and stock. Sometimes these are carried out by individuals but there is also a rise in the targeting of organisations by professional criminals.

Background Screening can help protect you from the costs, disruption and the potential loss of client confidence through the actions of rogue employees.

Qualification fraud has a double-edged effect. Honest candidates may be overlooked in favour of rogue candidates who claim qualifications or grades they never achieved. This denigrates the hard work of the truthful candidate and they are left feeling that the study they undertook and often the debt they incurred was all for nothing. From the employer’s aspect, they may be employing someone incapable of fulfilling the role and they would certainly be employing someone who thought it was alright to lie.


Background Screening can help mitigate this risk


There are many other benefits of Background Screening and in particular, using an outsourced service.